At Implefast, we are dedicated to delivering fast, agile solutions with a commitment to continuous improvement. Our passion for staying updated with the latest technology keeps our expertise sharp, enabling us to tackle problems from fresh perspectives. Moreover, our distinctive modular approach allows for swift adaptation, as we deploy new features incrementally and securely.

While our primary focus has been on serving the energy industry and addressing its unique challenges, our technical prowess extends far beyond this domain. If you can envision it, we have the capabilities to bring it to life.

Focus Areas

Wholesale and retail energy trading and risk management for commodities including Natural Gas, Crude Oil, NGLs, and Electricity.

Financial futures, swaps, and options.

Automated trade confirmations.

Sales tax, excise tax, energy exemptions, and certificates.

Accounting integrations with existing systems and/or custom implementations for commodity specific needs.

Payment instructions info capture.

Counterparty legal contract management and automated document generation, including NAESBs and various exhibits.

Pipeline contract and rate schedule management.

Counterparty and contact management for various entities including suppliers, producers, brokers, banks, lease operators, transporters, and more.

Manage ownerhisip percentages and parent relationships.

Credit limit and exception tracking.

Collateral and approval documents including letters of credit and guarantees.

A fully integrated document storage solution.

Mass document merging and distribution via email and fax.

Fallback mechanisms for document access in a disaster event.

Automated invoicing and credit memos.

Fully customizable products, services, and line items for those special cases that inevitably arise.

Custom reports that deeply integrate with Excel. Our reports not only output to Excel, they are native to it with embedded formulas and pivot tables.

Users can create their own custom reports that exactly match their existing layouts, but with only one click needed to pull in real-time data.

Automated imports of index price data from externals sources.

Start capturing the entire history of all your pricing data.

Easily view and export trends across various markets, all in one view.

Plant statement capture for a long list of component attributes and producer fees.

Gas storage data and incremental activity capture.

Scheduling of gas nominations from receipt meter to delivery via multiple pipeline paths.

Crude oil scheduling via pipe, truck, and rail.